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The Fable of Mehr

  • کد خبر : 1967
  • ۰۴ شهریور ۱۳۹۹ - ۱۱:۳۲
The Fable of Mehr
The streets and even the facilities of the Custom build phases of this town have divided the price of housing into two parts
  • A few blocks away lives Maryam Soleimani, a woman in her 40s, who is dissatisfied with the situation of the area: «We were promised a lot. Houses do not seem to have walls. Wall are made too thin that we can easily hear the neighbors. On the other hand, we are not safe here. «Every time our children want to go to class or school, we have to tremble out of stress.« Neighbor Maryam is not very happy with the condition of these houses too; In her opinion, we can not have a safe sleep unless there is a police station in this area.

    People in feverish land In the rubble, several children, two or three years old, are playing and their faces are hidden under the dirt particles. Maryams neighbor does not like to be named, but she is heartbroken by the lack of a playground for children or a park where they can take their children.

    No trees, no green space, no hospital, no pharmacy. It seems as if these are just apartments that have risen from the ground with the people who now live on a feverish land and are happy with the roof over their heads.

    Fereshteh is a -13year-old girl who also says that there are no facilities: «There is no library, no gym, neither for girls nor for boys. There are also very few buses and taxis. «There is so little public transport here in a way that you have to wait even half an hour to find one.«people of this region have a lot to say.

    People who set their heart to housing stamps so that they can live in comfort with the minimum budget they have, but have not been provided with anything but a comfort ceiling.

    It is while field studies show that most of the cities and towns of Mehr housing project have common sufferings except for a few areas. According to experts opposed to the governments housing plans, this is the suffering caused by the governments incomplete plans, which failed to materialize with direct government intervention and lacked proper policy-making. If it had been privatized, it might have been better. Now, the legacy left over from the previous government is now set to be reorganized in the Eleventh Iranian Government, with a plan with many uncertainties to fulfill Mehrs previous commitments. Experts say; The government is trying to Scrape the bottom of the barr eland may be unable to fulfill its obligations Regarding Mehr Housing. Let alone new projects such as social housing or national housing which are the same garbage under a different name and brings a new wound on for the people and the weak class of society.

    Like a small town, looks more like an unfinished tragedy. There is no cure, no education, not even security. Residents of the town, mostly low-income people, believe that it is uninhabitable. There are many reasons, from paper houses to promised infrastructure, none of which has been fulfilled.

    Mr. Ali Ansari is one of those who lives in this area. He has been choosing this place with his family of 4 since about eight years ago so that he can have a shelter, but according to him, this area has neither security nor facilities for kids to play. The barren lands a few meters away from the blocks, and the children who have no playmate except rubbish confirm his words.

    A few blocks away, next to the guardhouse, is a half-finished building whose facade is incomplete, a building whose window glass shows ugliness. According to the residents, the owner has left the building unfinished because he has no money to complete the project. The pre-sold building that is already getting old. The guard takes us inside the building and shows the plastered walls, Doors that rust and a dismal view.

    The rest of the buildings are in a similar condition. Poor building materials that have caused trouble for their owners after a few years not to mention that looking at the buildings within a few kilometers away, social inequality is evident. The streets and even the facilities of the personalization phases of this town have divided the price of housing into two parts. Akbar who has received his apartment registered in Masken-e Mehr about one and a half year says: the no surroundings is terrible here, there is no security. Especially at night, our children sometimes take their classes and it gets dark until they come and we are overwhelmed by stress.

    The lower the area is and the farther away it is the more important the matter is . A bitter reality that is incomprehensible to people. Akbar points to the construction debris and wasteland that surrounds the buildings: “Look here, full of construction debris that no one is in charge of”. With every breeze, what we get is dust and dirt.«
    Another passer-by stops when he hears our voice and adds: no environmental setting that makes a dry and desert place suitable for apartment and urban living; you can see that most of this area is dirt, there is no park for children to play and no hospital, if we want to visit a doctor, we have to go a few kilometers to reach the city of Fooladshahr and have the appropriate facilities there. After a few years of people living here, proper urban facilities have not been created yet and only a small portion of the streets have been asphalted. It seems that the only concern was to build a house and leave. The houses that do not live up to the promises made. There is no bank branch or the ATM, nor even a supermarket so that the residents do not have to go to Fooladshahr to get the basic necessities of life or go several blocks to reach a supermarket that does not have everything at all.

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